Your Dream Home Projector, And What You Should Know

If you’re into gadget and technology, then you can get through the babel of the pros and cons of the home projector. But if you are not, a brief practical guide can help you sort out tons of information before you get your perfect projector for great home movies.

When You Want More than Movie Entertainment

When the word home projector pops up connect the dots to home movies you can watch on your HDTV or on a projection screen. Don’t get confused about the projector’s flexibility for those academic PowerPoint cum lectures if you’re not into the routine. You want movies, crisp colors, sharp contrasts, and great movie lighting so much like the movies you watch in the movie house.

You can use your compact projector to watch your downloaded movies with the optimal satisfaction you get from A list movie houses. If you are into online gaming, you can enjoy a casino atmosphere; the colors are sharper and so vividly real you forget you are watching the whole thing from the screen of a home projector.

The Toss-Up Between and LCD and DLP Projectors

Now the choice of projector would be limited to the LCD projector and the DLP projector. What can you expect from each? The LCD projector, although it assures accurate colors, needs the replacement of some parts after a few years. You’ll need replacements for your polarizer and LCD panels to enjoy original sharpness of color.

This is not a problem with the DLP units but you might encounter the rainbow effect with some of the older models. This is caused by the use of a single chip in the projector. To even out the score, projectors using the Liquid Crystal Display home projector tend to give the screen-door effect.

It’s like watching a movie through your kitchen’s screen door. This is because LCD pixels become separated and are visible on the TV screen. This is truly annoying when you want to enjoy the latest movie up close. But you can always adjust the size of the image to fit into your projector screen for comfortable viewing.

Your budget may not always decide the contest. DLP projectors are more expensive, but they provide the realistic colors though these may not surpass the vibrancy of LCD generated colors. When you want a movie, you want the best even for the home; projector generated movies should provide the best, after all, it’s your screening pleasure that counts.


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